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Sad Sunday : ( How did the weekend go by so quickly?

I was catching up w/ my tv watching online and thought I’d do another post. I was kind of nervous about starting a blog- what if no one visits, what if it’s too much work, what if I have nothing to talk about- but thankfully none of that has been a problem, so yay : ) thanks visitors!

So about a month ago I picked up the Clinique Three Step Skincare for Dry Combination Skin. It was kind of an impulse buy as I wandered around Nordstroms, but not really because I have been “browsing” comments on the Clinique 3 Step for a long time.

Prior to starting this, I hadn’t been using anything for my skin at all besides diligently removing my makeup day and night. And that was working alright. I’m blessed w/ good skin, no acne- except one problem- I have keratosis pilaris. It isn’t particularly bad, but I do have a couple of small affected areas on my face. With makeup I doubt anyone would notice it, but having the skin disorder made me hesitant to try a face product, I knew that more than likely, no matter what I used, it wasn’t going to make my main facial concern, kp, go away.

Well I’ve been using the product for about a month and I love it, no it hasn’t helped w/ the kp but it has made my face much softer. My boyfriend even made a comment about it last week ( which is of course the highest compliment ro a product, when a boy notices ; )

I like that this product could seriously last me and entire year, and for forty dollars I’d say that is well worth it. I also got a really cute Bonus Gift, yay!

My one gripe would be that this does little to remove my eye makeup. I got the soap near my eyes once and I will never make that mistake ever again- holey moley did that ever burn : (

Will I buy it again? Prob not, now that I have seen some of the benefits of using a facial care system, I am going to raise my expectations- any recommendations?

Have a great Monday!

Later : )


Ahem, this feels so bizarre but, first official post, yay!

So I just started getting into taking care of my skin. I recently started using the Clinique Three Step, which I have heard good, and now bad, things about. I’ll post my review of it once I have been using it a little longer. Prior to that I hadn’t really used anything. I had tried Proactiv a really long time ago. I think I liked it, which is strange because I have very sensitive skin and I have heard that a lot of people feel that it is very harsh.

Anywho, I saw this product posted over at Outblush and thought that it sounded pretty neat. According to the ladies over there, it “is a staple for us wimps sensitive gals”. Which sounds right up my, and well up a lot of other ladies’ alleys also. ( I realize that sounds weird ; )

The downside the product is $25 dollars, which frankly for a drugstore brand product seems a little steep. But I did just find it on Amazon for $19 dollars… and I like that it is pink : )

Hmmm. Might have to give it a try. Has anyone seen this product at the store/picked it up, what do you guys think? Most importantly what are you willing to pay for a product you have never tried before?


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