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It’s a new week and a short one to boot, yay! I am so excited for one of my favorite holidays- a three day weekend 🙂

Last week I went to Bath and Body Works w/ my mom and after purchasing upteen soaps because of their sale, we got a free item from a coupon. I had of course been smelling the lotionsHoneysuckle the entire time and absolutely, positively had fallen in love with this smell, pictured to the left on top of my flower comforter ( I feel they go together well.) It is called Wild Honeysuckle, it smells like heaven, I love it.

And a week later I am still in love! It smells soooo good- pretty, floral, happy, and springy. It smells like I just got flowers from my boyfriend every time I take a shower ( and who wouldn’t like that every day ; )

I had never tried a ” triple moisture shower cream” from Bath and Body Works before I got this product. One critique I do have though- not really any better, besides the awesome smell, than any other product I’ve ever tried. I don’t feel 3X the moisture and I’m not even really sure what that would feel like…

So, I’m thinking when this runs out, maybe I will experiment w/ some soaps. Does anyone have a shower moisturizing soap that they are really impressed with? This brunette def needs to do some research and browsing .

Have a great Tuesday y’all : )



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