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About a week ago I went to the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in San Marcos, Texas. omg It was amazing. If you ever have the chance to go to one, don’t miss it. They had a really great deal going on clothing- buy 2 for $14. So I got the comfiest pair of pajama pants and a really cute purple cover up. The purple cover up on its own was twice as much as the two items combined! What a deal : )

Another great aspect of the store was all the beauty and bath items they had for sale. Most of the items were between $2-4. I haven’t tried much besides the gloss from the Beauty Rush line- I love it, so tasty… pretty sure I consume near dangerous levels ; ) So this was a great opportunity to branch out, a little bit. They had a 5 for $5 deal going on some small items, and I figured for a dollar, how can I go wrong?

I tried to find the name of the polish that I picked up there. The bottle and my giant hand ; ) are pictured to the left ( excuse the blue marker ink). Unfortunatly, the name of the polish is nowhere to be found on the bottle- so I’m going to name it Cotton Candy. Anyway,  the polish is a really cute, sheer pinky white color. I love it. This is the second time I have applied the color, and I just feel so “Spring-y” with it on : ) Def. worth the dollar. It really has great staying power, and I am waaay to lazy to put on a top coat. And frankly if the polish costs a dollar, what is the point.

But of course, unless you are at the VS Outlet their polish isn’t a dollar. Right now VS Pink has a really cute set of polishes called Pink Me Up Polish & Bling. The petite polishes come w/ adhesive stickies.

Has anyone else tried the Beauty Rush/ VS nail polishes? What did you think? I will post pics of the pants and the swim cover up the next time I get a chance.

Later : )



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