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I hope everyone had a great, relaxing Easter weekend! Mine was wonderful- the weather was perfect and I got to spend some time in the pool w/ my boyfriend who was visiting. However it wasn’t very restful, so I am bracing myself for this next week.

Last week I took full advantage of the BOGO Physician’s Formula and scooped up some goodies that I will be reviewing over this week. I waited about a week to review them because I wanted to make sure that I had gotten a really good feel for the products.

First up are the Physicians Formula Organic Make Up Remover Pads… I don’t like using a face wash to remove my makeup because then I get towels dirty and anyway, so prior to using this product I was using a Walmart brand makeup removing wipe. Which- I am actually very happy with because they did the job- they got all of my makeup off and they are easy because I could throw them away.

The Physician’s Formula Wipes are okay-ish at removing my eye makeup, but they are just so, so, so small. I’d guess that they are about the size of my palm. And so, I have to use between 2-3 wipes to get all of my makeup off using these wipes. There are only 60 in a container ( which as a side note is a fairly cute container and is likely to get re purposed once the pads are gone) so clearly the cost to benefit ratio isn’t great when the whole pack costs about $7. So not only do you have to use quite a few because they are small, you also have to use more because they are not very strong. I have to swipe my eyelashes about six times to get it all off, which is pretty frustrating and not so great for the lashes…

Will I buy these again- absolutely not. I usually love Physician’s Formula and have great things to say about the other products that I am trying, but this one? Not so much… Besides Walmart or Target brand removers does anyone have a suggestions for a makeup remover? Because clearly I am going to be in the market for a new one soon : )

Have a great week!

Later : )



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