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Argh I am so disappointed : (

So yesterday I had some quick fun in Ulta and scooped up a couple of things: an NYX Jumbo Pencil, NYX Sweet Tart Lip Gloss, and the new EcoTools Bamboo Eye Brush Set. I am in love with the EcoTools Brushes, and I will def do a blog post about those. And I love the Sweet Tart Lip Gloss- adorable and tasty. However, I do not think I have ever been so disappointed in a product as I am with the Jumbo Pencils.

I had heard only good things about them via YouTube videos, beauty gurus w/ blogs, etc. Mine broke as soon as I touched it to my face, it just broke off! And hello, that is practically no makeup for five dollars! The things doesn’t sharpen or twist up!?! Grrr. So I went back to Ulta and I just returned it…

Has anyone else had this problem? I am not unfamiliar with softer products but hello! If I can’t even apply it without it crumbling, what am I doing wrong? Is anyone else disappointed by the jumbo sticks?


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