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Argh I am so disappointed : (

So yesterday I had some quick fun in Ulta and scooped up a couple of things: an NYX Jumbo Pencil, NYX Sweet Tart Lip Gloss, and the new EcoTools Bamboo Eye Brush Set. I am in love with the EcoTools Brushes, and I will def do a blog post about those. And I love the Sweet Tart Lip Gloss- adorable and tasty. However, I do not think I have ever been so disappointed in a product as I am with the Jumbo Pencils.

I had heard only good things about them via YouTube videos, beauty gurus w/ blogs, etc. Mine broke as soon as I touched it to my face, it just broke off! And hello, that is practically no makeup for five dollars! The things doesn’t sharpen or twist up!?! Grrr. So I went back to Ulta and I just returned it…

Has anyone else had this problem? I am not unfamiliar with softer products but hello! If I can’t even apply it without it crumbling, what am I doing wrong? Is anyone else disappointed by the jumbo sticks?


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I hope everyone had a great, relaxing Easter weekend! Mine was wonderful- the weather was perfect and I got to spend some time in the pool w/ my boyfriend who was visiting. However it wasn’t very restful, so I am bracing myself for this next week.

Last week I took full advantage of the BOGO Physician’s Formula and scooped up some goodies that I will be reviewing over this week. I waited about a week to review them because I wanted to make sure that I had gotten a really good feel for the products.

First up are the Physicians Formula Organic Make Up Remover Pads… I don’t like using a face wash to remove my makeup because then I get towels dirty and anyway, so prior to using this product I was using a Walmart brand makeup removing wipe. Which- I am actually very happy with because they did the job- they got all of my makeup off and they are easy because I could throw them away.

The Physician’s Formula Wipes are okay-ish at removing my eye makeup, but they are just so, so, so small. I’d guess that they are about the size of my palm. And so, I have to use between 2-3 wipes to get all of my makeup off using these wipes. There are only 60 in a container ( which as a side note is a fairly cute container and is likely to get re purposed once the pads are gone) so clearly the cost to benefit ratio isn’t great when the whole pack costs about $7. So not only do you have to use quite a few because they are small, you also have to use more because they are not very strong. I have to swipe my eyelashes about six times to get it all off, which is pretty frustrating and not so great for the lashes…

Will I buy these again- absolutely not. I usually love Physician’s Formula and have great things to say about the other products that I am trying, but this one? Not so much… Besides Walmart or Target brand removers does anyone have a suggestions for a makeup remover? Because clearly I am going to be in the market for a new one soon : )

Have a great week!

Later : )

It’s a new week and a short one to boot, yay! I am so excited for one of my favorite holidays- a three day weekend ūüôā

Last week I went to Bath and Body Works w/ my mom and after purchasing upteen soaps because of their sale, we got a free item from a coupon. I had of course been smelling the lotionsHoneysuckle the entire time and absolutely, positively had fallen in love with this smell, pictured to the left on top of my flower comforter ( I feel they go together well.) It is called Wild Honeysuckle, it smells like heaven, I love it.

And a week later I am still in love! It smells soooo good- pretty, floral, happy, and springy. It smells like I just got flowers from my boyfriend every time I take a shower ( and who wouldn’t like that every day ; )

I had never tried a ” triple moisture shower cream” from Bath and Body Works before I got this product. One critique I do have though- not really any better, besides the awesome smell, than any other product I’ve ever tried. I don’t feel 3X the moisture and I’m not even really sure what that would feel like…

So, I’m thinking when this runs out, maybe I will experiment w/ some soaps. Does anyone have a shower moisturizing soap that they are really impressed with? This brunette def needs to do some research and browsing .

Have a great Tuesday y’all : )

Sad Sunday : ( How did the weekend go by so quickly?

I was catching up w/ my tv watching online and thought I’d do another post. I was kind of nervous about starting a blog- what if no one visits, what if it’s too much work, what if I have nothing to talk about- but thankfully none of that has been a problem, so yay : ) thanks visitors!

So about a month ago I picked up the Clinique Three Step Skincare for Dry Combination Skin. It was kind of an impulse buy as I wandered around Nordstroms, but not really because I have been “browsing” comments on the Clinique 3 Step for a long time.

Prior to starting this, I hadn’t been using anything for my skin at all besides diligently removing my makeup day and night. And that was working alright. I’m blessed w/ good skin, no acne- except one problem- I have keratosis pilaris. It isn’t particularly bad, but I do have a couple of small affected areas on my face. With makeup I doubt anyone would notice it, but having the skin disorder made me hesitant to try a face product, I knew that more than likely, no matter what I used, it wasn’t going to make my main facial concern, kp, go away.

Well I’ve been using the product for about a month and I love it, no it hasn’t helped w/ the kp but it has made my face much softer. My boyfriend even made a comment about it last week ( which is of course the highest compliment ro a product, when a boy notices ; )

I like that this product could seriously last me and entire year, and for forty dollars I’d say that is well worth it. I also got a really cute Bonus Gift, yay!

My one gripe would be that this does little to remove my eye makeup. I got the soap near my eyes once and I will never make that mistake ever again- holey moley did that ever burn : (

Will I buy it again? Prob not, now that I have seen some of the benefits of using a facial care system, I am going to raise my expectations- any recommendations?

Have a great Monday!

Later : )

I’ve had a pretty busy/ stressful Saturday so far ( just got back from a Job Fair, crosses fingers) but I’m totally psyched because it is supposed to be 80 degrees where I live and I am hoping to catch some rays – unfortunately there is total cloud cover at the moment so I’m surfing the webs hoping it’ll pass soon. I was over at Temptalia and saw an amazing lip gloss that I definitely need to pick up ( click the link to check it out). It is from Covergirl and called ” Sandstone”. It looks so cute. I love the nude- pink look.

TGIF, right?

I know it is still Thursday, but hey if I am home from work than it is as good as Friday to me : )

In celebration of the end of the week I wanted to post a review for what is, right now, my favorite beauty buy – John Frieda Frizz- Ease Smooth Start Shampoo & Conditioner. I bought these products kind of on a whim. I am a “browsing brunette”, and so while I covet a lot of the items that I see on beauty guru blogs, I usually have way to much guilt to actually buy the products. Thankfully John Freida is not an item I feel guilty buying. Their price range is super decent- usually $6-7 a bottle of 10 fl. oz. I got them for even cheaper, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute ; )

So things I like about this product? Almost everything, down to the bottle. The old shampoo and conditioner I was using had identical bottles- I hated it when I would squeeze out the shampoo only to find conditioner in my hand…grr. But beyond the practical I love the way this shampoo and conditioner combo makes my hair feel. I had always relied on the straightening process to get my hair silky and smooth. I save sooo much time using the product- it has seriously cut my straightening time in half! Which for those of you ladies like me running around like a crazy person trying to get ready in the morning that is a big deal! I purchased the “Restoring” Version of the shampoo vs the “Hydrating”, and I gotta say I really do feel like my hair is healthier!

The one thing I don’t like? This might be my own fault. When you first start to use a product it is kind of an experiment to see how much you need to use, etc. Anyway I find if I use both the shampoo and conditioner, while my hair feels great the first day, it looks a little greasy and limp super quick. So I have been using up an old shampoo and using only the conditioner. So when I run out, maybe I’ll just buy the conditioner again? I don’t know. Also, the scent isn’t to die for- it smells clean and isn’t overpowering but I’m not that excited about the scent.

Either way, this product was great and I got it on Super Sale at Ulta. I  heart Ulta sooo much- not only do they have tons of great products there but they take coupons! And as a recent college grad- coupons are kind of essential. Anyway these shampoos were on sale, plus I had a coupon for one, plus there was a coupon attached to the bottle, AND I had a $3.50 off $10. I was able to get both shampoo and conditioner and another product for, drum roll please, $6- yay, victory!

Here are some other articles about the shampoo/ conditioner:

There are some interesting quotes from the man Mr. Frieda himself in this article:

And here is a link over to Makeup Alley where the product got a 3.5/5 score, I agree w/ most but def not all of the comments, because I’d prob give the product a solid 4:

Later guys! And have a great Friday!

About a week ago I went to the Victoria’s Secret Outlet in San Marcos, Texas. omg It was amazing. If you ever have the chance to go to one, don’t miss it. They had a really great deal going on clothing- buy 2 for $14. So I got the comfiest pair of pajama pants and a really cute purple cover up. The purple cover up on its own was twice as much as the two items combined! What a deal : )

Another great aspect of the store was all the beauty and bath items they had for sale. Most of the items were between $2-4. I haven’t tried much besides the gloss from the Beauty Rush line- I love it, so tasty… pretty sure I consume near dangerous levels ; ) So this was a great opportunity to branch out, a little bit. They had a 5 for $5 deal going on some small items, and I figured for a dollar, how can I go wrong?

I tried to find the name of the polish that I picked up there.¬†The bottle and my giant hand ; )¬†are pictured to the left ( excuse the blue marker ink). Unfortunatly, the¬†name of the polish is¬†nowhere to be found on the bottle- so I’m going to name it Cotton Candy. Anyway,¬† the polish¬†is a really cute, sheer pinky white color. I love it. This is the second time I have applied the color, and I just feel so “Spring-y” with it on : ) Def. worth the dollar. It really has great staying power, and I am waaay to lazy to put on a top coat. And frankly if the polish costs a dollar, what is the point.

But of course, unless you are at the VS Outlet their polish isn’t a dollar. Right now VS Pink has a really cute set of polishes called Pink Me Up Polish & Bling. The petite polishes come w/ adhesive stickies.

Has anyone else tried the Beauty Rush/ VS nail polishes? What did you think? I will post pics of the pants and the swim cover up the next time I get a chance.

Later : )


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